Yak Aero is dealing with all kinds of light aircrafts all over the world.
The headquarters are located at Stockholm, Bromma airport in Sweden where
we also have all maintenance facilities.

The company started 1982 importing aircrafts to Scandinavia.
In 1988 we started dealing with Russian built aircrafts.
The first Russian aircraft imported by us to Scandinavia was a Sukhoi 26
and it got Swedish airworthiness 1991.
This first aircraft opened a way for importing even other types of
Russian aircrafts to Sweden. The Swedish CAA has accepted the
Yak-50, Yak-52, Yak-55,  Su-26, Su-29 and An-2 to fly under Swedish registrations.
We have also exported the  L-29 Jet and L-39 Jet to our customers
from the former Soviet countries.

Selling and leasing AN-72, AN-74, AN-28, AN-2 Aircrafts and MI-8 T and
MI-2 helicopters for cargo and parachute flights is part of our operation.

Our Russian imports have found their ways into different European countries and to
the USA.  Our company also works in direct contact with the Yakovlev construction
bureau which is  a good benefit for the customers to be sure that the aircrafts are
controlled and delivered with proper documentation.

If there is a special aircraft that you are looking for, contact us!